Bonus de trading active
Clients admissibles
Existing clients with a real account are eligible to participate in the Active trading bonus by accepting the term and conditions.
Trading exigences
Le bonus de trading active sera fourni quotidiennement (GMT 00: 00-23: 59) à chaque client qui atteint un volume de trading de  $1000 sur toute option. Une fois l’exigence de trading de 1000 $ atteinte, un bonus de $5  sera disponible. De plus, pour chaque Trading volume additionnel de $ 200 généré, un bonus supplémentaire de 1 $ sera disponible.
Comment retirer Bonus de trading active
Afin de retirer le Bonus, le client est tenu de remplir le formulaire de «Bonus Conversion Application». La «Bonus Conversion Application» peut être soumise quotidiennement ou à la fin de chaque semaine du trading de façon cumulative, mais au plus tard le dernier jour de la semaine «dimanche». Toutes les demandes présentées lundi pour le trading volume des dernières semaines seront considérés comme invalides.
Avertissement risque du Bonus
 AEligible Clients should manage their trading account in consistence with their trading comfort level. The Bonus is not designed to alter or modify clients’ risk appetite or encourage clients’ to trade in a manner inconsistent with clients’ investment.Trading in Company’s Products carry a high degree of risk which may not be suitable for all clients. Before deciding to trade Company’s Products, clients should carefully consider their investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. It is possible to sustain a loss of the whole initial investment. Clients should not deviate from their typical trading preferences to satisfy the requirements set out in these Bonus Terms and Conditions.Failure to comply with these Bonus Terms and Conditions will result in a client becoming ineligible for any Bonus Scheme offered by the Company from time to time. However, ineligibility might have no impact on a client’s ability to trade on Company’s trading platform and in no way exposes the Clients to increased risk or market exposure.These Bonus Terms and Conditions do not disclose all of the risks associated with investing in Company’s Products. Clients should carefully review Company’s Terms and Conditions and Risk Disclosure in their entirety, which are available in Company’s website